Barack and Kim Jong Tom enjoy a Cuban cigar at screening of “The Interview”

Celebrating his latest Executive Order coup, Barack O’TomA and Kim Jong Tom enjoyed their Cuban cigars as “the Interview” played.  Barack mentioned to Kim Jong Tom how this was such sweet revenge after reading emails with Sony Pictures Chair Amy Pascal’s hard-hitting review of his movie preferences.

Barack wondered out loud “What have I ever done to those people except to bleed them dry for campaign contributions?”

Kim Jong Tom wondered out loud “What have I ever done to Seth Rogen except to bring a fashion sense to a fashion deprived industry?”

A good Cuban is the best revenge opined Fidel.

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Rodgers trip to Canton OH sidetracked in Buffalo

Today, Aaron Rodgers in a miserable performance led the Green Bay Packers to a 21-13 defeat by the Buffalo Bills.  Is this the final detour on the way to the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH?

The 2 interception, 1 fumble performance was only outdone by a brash Johnny “Football” Manziel.

Pack, Wait until next year.

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Fresh off his “Redskins” victory, Barack calls for an 8 Team playoff

You may remember that Barack O’TomA said that he wouldn’t let his imaginary son play football.  Now he is weighing in to  support  an 8 Team College Football playoff.

Did I hear that there was a budget to resolve?  Naw.

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Fashion Face-Off: Duchess Kate Middleton & NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray


Game, Set, Match Kate

Originally posted on CBS New York:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — All eyes were on her royal highness Kate Middleton Monday as she met with New York City’s first lady Chirlane McCray.

But as CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported, fans of the duchess weren’t just watching what she did in Harlem, but also what she wore.

Kate is the future Queen of England, while Chirlane is the current first lady of New York City. Kate lives in a palace with Will, while Chirlane lives in a mansion with Bill. Kate is an international style icon, while Chirlane has never actually been accused of that, Rapoport reported.

“I’m certainly interested in fashion. I’m interested in fashion made in New York,” Chirlane said.

So while the two were in Harlem before an international phalanx of photogs, their contrasting styles were on display and ripe for comparison, and the ageless query of fashionistas everywhere.

“For anyone it’s difficult to stand next to Kate Middleton. She always…

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Badgers Bad, Tom Sad

The Ohio State University crushed the Wisconsin Badgers 59-0 (and it wasn’t that lose) in the Big 10 (14 members) Championship game.

Tom is sad.  Is the Chick-fil-A Bowl still in play.



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Kim Kardashian: I Pose ‘Practically Naked’ for Magazines, So I Have to Be Realistic About My Leaked Nudes


It is really a drag when her nudes don’t leak out.

Originally posted on Style News - StyleWatch -

We talked all about Kim Kardashian’s supremely confident cupcake-eating skills on the cover of Elle UK‘s Confidence Issue when the photos came out last week, but now her quotes from the interview have been released — and they’re equally discussion-worthy. Read on for the reality star’s take on her own body image, why she’s keeping cool about leaked nudes and her supermodel sister.

Kim Kardashian Elle UKJean Baptiste Mondino/Elle UK

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When will the Green Weenies in “Electric” cars start paying their fair share for our roads

So we have all these cool people driving around in battery power cars fueled by coal-fired electrical generating plants.  Since they are burning coal rather than gasoline, they are not paying one red cent to build and maintain our roads which are funded with the gas tax.

Enough is enough, get these fools to pay their fair share or get them the hell off our roads.




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Tom celebrates Orwellian Speak reaching a crescendo with “Net Neutrality”

George Orwell blessed us with Newspeak and Doublespeak in his book “1984”.  Governments have come to run with the concept and the electorate follow like sheep.  We thought we had reached the logical conclusion with The Affordable Care Act which was neither care nor affordable.

But this is small potatoes to the brilliant Newspeak known at “Net Neutrality”  The last thing this turkey of a concept has is neutrality.  What it is is for Internet hogs like Netflix and YouTube to hog the Internet pipes with their streaming for profit.  As the pipes clog, Internet Service Providers like the phone companies and cable companies will have to expand the network and charge all users of the internet to pony up the costs to the benefit of the Netflix and YouTube crowds.  Who doesn’t like somebody else to pick up the tab?

A further joke is Barack O’TomA’s call for the Internet to be regulated by government like land line telephones.  If you have a land like check all the government junk charges on your bill.  You can expect the same to happen to your Internet bill.

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Bucket List

Let the List begin


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Mubarak assembles old coalition

Wasting no time after an Egyptian court dropped charges against former strongman Hosni Mubarak, he was busy assembling his old coalition.  His first call was to Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.  Aides said that they would get back to Hosni, but old Muammar must be spending most of his time on his fashion empire as he hasn’t been in the office (tent) lately.


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