Rescued Captain was in ‘imminent danger’ – Somalia

Great news.  Hopefully the pirates will get the message.

Official: Captain was in ‘imminent danger’ – Somalia-

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2 Responses to Rescued Captain was in ‘imminent danger’ – Somalia

  1. Jen says:

    Cor. That’s excellent news. Mum was telling me about this earlier today. She’ll be thrilled he’s free again, as am I. I’ll bet his wife must be feeling every emotion under the sun at the moment. As for the Crew – I’m glad for their victory. They’d be nowhere without their Captain. What a fantastic Easter story.

  2. Cynical says:

    And hopefully the SEAL snipers will continue to get more pirates. I heard there were three more pirate takeovers of vessels within the next 24 hours. It would be interesting to arm merchant ships in some way that they would not become warships but could defend themselves. Perhaps going back to boiling oil or dropping large rocks on the much smaller pirate ships could prove effective. Just thinking out loud. Old people do that.Peace, Doc

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