US Debt Clock

Could it be more frightening than the dreaded Y2K clock and/or the DTV conversion clock?
Debit or Credit?

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2 Responses to US Debt Clock

  1. Diana says:

    That is scary watching those numbers ticking over. Yet interestingly, just recently the US (using the IMF forum) has criticised Australia on it’s level of mortgage debts and overvaluation of houses. (,28124,25906781-25658,00.html) which means we won’t be able to pay our debts (presumably debts we owe to the US). Some call it hypocrisy, I call it irony. Seriously, we love you guys. 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    That is scary. I kinda hope those numbers aren’t really as accurate as the site claims they are. The country really needs to pay back that debt.

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