ObamaCare – Rhetorical Bait and Switch

It appears to have gone unnoticed, but for about 18 months Obama has promised something to the tune of "If you like your current insurance you can keep it."  However with reform and especially if there is a public option the truth is that many employers will chose to drop health insurance coverage and dump the obligation on the public.  Even in the best of circumstances employers seek out cheaper options annually.

Now starting in the Montana Town Hall Style meeting, he has amended his promise to something like "odds are likely that you can keep your current insurance". This is closer to accurate and should hold if there is a 51% chance that you can keep your current insurance.

As a well trained and intelligent lawyer, Barack Obama should review the basic materials from Jury Duty 101.  The Jury is the trier of facts. If the jury finds a credibility problem they can find that the rest of the testimony not credible.

As President one has an obligation to rise above the rhetorical accuracy of a used car salesman or Town Hall protester.  One fails to act on this truth at their own peril.

American Thinker: Obama Administration: Home of the Whopper

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