Would you believe? Selling Obamacare

With deference to Maxwell Smart, “would you believe” some of the Obamacare sales pitches such as:  most of it can be financed from Medicare savings without reducing Medicare services or accelerating the date when Medicare is already due to go broke, insurance premiums won’t go up, with minor penalties for not having insurance and guaranteed coverage people won’t wait to purchase insurance until they are really sick, families who earn $96,000 per year should still get a subsidy to buy insurance, the subsidies for the upper middle class ($96,000) won’t come from the average family ($52,000), employers won’t dump coverage forcing more people into the subsidized individual market at ever greater costs, a government entitlement program won’t have a net cost to the government, we can control costs without controlling medical costs, the bill is bipartisan and we can’t do better.

My Way News – New Sen. Brown bashes Obama’s `bitter’ health push

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  1. R U Serious says:

    Hi TomYesm Merlin was an icon and I was saddened to read of his passing. A gentle giant indeed.I totally agree with you about Obama’s healthcare plan. Thanks for your comment.Bob

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