What a Waste

They peaked and then for a sundry of  different reasons end up wasting much talent:  Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen, J. D. Salinger, Lindsey Lohan, Riddick Bowe,  Courtney Love, Steve Howe, Ryan Leaf, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Janice Joplin, , Sam Bowie and  so many more.

While others like the Rolling Stones see to keeps on a high level. 

Solve this riddle and you may be the next Billionaire.

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2 Responses to What a Waste

  1. John Erickson says:

    Dude, why did you include Shwizzenfoozer … um .. Schwartzentroober … er .. Ahhnold? He just finished a great acting gig – governor of California! Granted, the reviews aren’t great, but ain’t the big guy into sequels? Or, to follow Terminator model, bigger second movies? We already slipped Ronald Reagan past the Dems. First the Terminator, then the Governator, next the Presinator? We ALL know that “he’ll be bahhk”! 😀
    Oh, and some of us would argue about Lindsay Lohan having “wasted much talent”. Hard to waste what wasn’t there in the first place……

    • tom says:

      As a politician, I would have to put Arnold below Lindsey Lohan. While we may suspect Lohan doesn’t have talent, Arnpold had the worst which is unrealized potential. Ever since he got the feature magazine article about him and Bloomberg, he officially became a Democan and let spending soar, raised taxes to dizzzing levels and generallyt was pushed around by the Sacto crowd. He was in way over his head.

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