Should Middle and High School teachers be allowed to dress as slutty as their female students?

Forget the civil unrest about platinum taxpayer paid medical and pension benefits for teachers. And forget the good salaries and loads of vacation time. The real reason why we need collective bargaining for teachers is so they can dress as slutty as their students and not be threatened by district imposed dress codes. With teacher dress codes and good judgement slipping with the neckline, we need to take a stand. Students are role models and the only way for teachers to relate is to dress slutty. Teen and Tween girls must not be given an advantage in the area of dress. As we see in the news, these teachers are in competition to bag a teen age boy. Actually this isn’t even as easy as you might think.

So let the word go out via Twitter and Facebook, bring it on.



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3 Responses to Should Middle and High School teachers be allowed to dress as slutty as their female students?

  1. John Erickson says:

    One huge problem. The vast majority of female teachers, from my 3-decade-plus-ago experience, are … well, to be polite, high necklines and long sleeves are FAR more in good taste than low necklines and short sleeves (and skirts). Even the young ones I had, tended to look more like post-Vietnam bums than schoolteachers. (Yes, I DO mean the women!) The net total I can think of wanting to see dressed a la Miley would be 2, being very generous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a silly old fart, I think that teachers should TEACH. Then again, I’m also old and silly enough to think that only street-walkers should look like, well, street-walkers. (But I’ve always been weird that way – when other guys were drooling after “tween trollops”, I was thinking about Grace Lee Whitney from Star Trek. My first crush – AND a great friend and companion!)

  2. diana1604 says:

    Yes. Because it would make Lindsay Lohan very proud

    • tom says:

      Yes Linsey Lohan would be an admirable role model. However, I was thinking more of Lady Gagme Gagme riding into the classroom in an egg hoisted on the sholders of the school janitors.

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