“Obama Competitiveness Council is a dream come true” by GE CEO Jefferey Immelt

Since securing a spot on the Obama Competitiveness Council, GE CEO and Obama apologist Jefferey “Big Wind” Immelt has reversed the fortunes of his faltering career with the benefit of huge helpings of Government Corporate Welfare.

Today it was revealed that despite worldwide profits of $14.2 Billion in 2010 of which $5.1 Billion came from U.S. operations, General electric paid no US corporate taxes and banked another $3.2 Billion for future years.

Now add the corporate subsidies GE gets for Wind Mills, Nuclear Power Reactors, and High-speed Rail Locomotives, you get a feel for the greed and costs of the Green Agenda.

I guess I must be bigger and more successful than GE as I paid a lot more in taxes.


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10 Responses to “Obama Competitiveness Council is a dream come true” by GE CEO Jefferey Immelt

  1. John Erickson says:

    Don’t those yahoos also make the CFLs?
    You need to catch “The Daily Show” from Wednesday night. Jon Stewart hacked on NBC and GE – since GE owns NBC, every time NBC does a news story about anything that GE owns, they have to announce that GE is their parent company. It did get kinda sad when they started running through VERY recent stuff. The Japanese reactor problems have caused the US to re-evaluate reactor safety, AND MANY REACTORS ARE BUILT BY GE. An F-15 falls out of the sky over Libya, and the plane’s engines ARE MADE BY GE. And so on.
    Kinda makes you wonder if that money they set aside isn’t a rainy day fund – ’cause there’s an AWFUL lot of clouds coming their way!

    • tom says:

      Long term, the CFLs might do more damage than the GE Nuke plants as I doin’ think it is practical to ask people to go to a toxic waste disposal site every time a light bulb stops working. So bring on the mercury super fund sites.

      As a former GE employee dutch Reagan would be disappointed.

    • John Erickson says:

      But that’s not a problem at all! We’ll eliminate all the pollution driving our Priuses.
      A Prius creates more CO2 in building than an average car does in 10 years?
      And they produce far more toxic remainders than a regular car?
      Hey, we could build nuclear-powered reactors to create blast furnaces to burn all the bad stuff up with clean nuclear power!
      OH – yeah – that’s why we started. Hey, how about if we pack all the CFLs into our Priuses and …… 😀

      • tom says:

        Referring to the facts is a cheap shot. Next thing we will hear that you don’t favor taking cereral out of little Johnny’s bowl to make

        Bring back the Steam Engine, we have plenty of coal

      • John Erickson says:

        Dude, if little Johnny was eating cereal, do you think he’d have that “WIDE LOAD” sticker on his keester? 🙂
        Steam engines? But if you’re gonna go steam, why use smoky, dirty coal when you can heat the water with clean nuclear power?
        Oops – darn these logic loops!
        I know! WINDMILLS! They’re just in the wrong places. Let’s see – a couple dozen in DC, a bunch in Brussels, a load in London – et voila! Clean power generated by all that hot air! 😉

      • tom says:

        All we need to do is dedicate 100% of the wind energy from then windmill project off the coarst from the Kennedy compound and we can feul the dirty battery cars. I am getting a cramp in my brain.

      • John Erickson says:

        Looks like you’re getting a cramp in your fingers, too. Either that, or I gave your spell-checker a nervous breakdown! 😉
        I say the best cure is chuck all the crap outta the cars. Remember the good old Bugs that ran on 20-40 HP? Jeez, my Cavalier was a mini-muscle car back in 1987 with 130HP. Nowadays, a little tin crapbox needs 130HP to haul around the cupholders, stereos, nav systems, airbags all over the place, powered AND heated seats, etc.
        Hey, I cranked my own windows for 10 years before I got my first power windows. Good enough for me, good enough for everybody! Harrumph!! 😉

      • tom says:

        Is there a spell check for comments? I hit my spelling peak in 2nd Grade.

      • John Erickson says:

        Mine has a spell check, or at least a highly-opinionated little bit of code that doesn’t like British English. Then again, my Email HAS no spell check, so who knows? My browser is Firefox, because I loathe Windows – I’m just not prepared to pay hundreds more for an operating system that’s not compatible with 90% of my computer stuff!
        2nd grade, eh? I think that’s where I hit my hair-growing peak. I guess you could say it was my widow’s peak peak. 😀

      • tom says:

        Bottom line, it sis starting to look like the Erickson_Gadhafi tweaks will go to Bloomingdales and the Moammar Collection for JCP goes directly to the Army Navy Surp;lus store without a stop at Marshallls or TXMaxx

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