Gadhafi resplendent in TV appearance after two-week absence

Col. Moammar Gadhafi returned to the public eye in a TV appearance after a two-week absence. Sporting the most fashionably accessible military uniform, it was obvious that he was putting his design genius to work with a magnificent effect.

Most observers conceded that this was the best military designed uniforms since King of Pop Michael Jackson appeared in the “Non-Thriller” video and in a Santa Barbara Courtroom for child molestation.

U.S Generals from 1 Stars to General David Petraeus to the International Community’s NATO are demanding that Pentagon designers get out ahead of the curve and design some righteous threads.

How can we prevent a stalemate in Libya when we are getting beat down on the fashion front?

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2 Responses to Gadhafi resplendent in TV appearance after two-week absence

  1. John Erickson says:

    Call up Lady Gaga’s designer. Anybody who could come up with a meat dress to piss off PETA has GOT to have something up his/her sleeve to trump Khadaffy.
    Besides, we’re NOT in a stalemate in Libya. We are in a carefully calculated long-game plan of patience, carefully directed air strikes, and concerted actions on the ground by a coalition of rebels and defected military units to wrest control from a dictator with minimal involvement by NATO western forces.
    (Whew!) Man, my shoulders are sore from shoveling all that … truth! Yeah, that’s it! 😉
    And you might want to keep Jamie’s website bookmarked. There are rumblings of a caption contest, and she has several shots of my 4-legged friend and I! 😀

    • tom says:

      I am on the lookout. The emergence of the “Goat Whisperer” and Moammar all in the same week more than I can take It is “historic”

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