Putin, Putin… He’s our Man. Putin, Putin… Yes, We Can

As the International Community’s Whinner-In-Chief Barack Obama complains about Hosni, Bibi, Moammar, Assad and various other major powers such as Yemen, Ivory Coast and Tunisia, he has “Re-Set” a love affair with the World’s No. 1 Dictator, none other than Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Here is a surprise, Putin has tired of his pick Dimitry Medvedev and wants to move back to President after serving a term as Prime Minister. This move could lead to 24 years in power and if he pulls the same maneuver again, he would have 48 years in power. Even the old Soviet Dictators were able to pull this off.

And what have we gained out of this bargain. Russia has opposed us on all policy issues and Putin definitely doesn’t have the fashion forward sense that Moammar offers.

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4 Responses to Putin, Putin… He’s our Man. Putin, Putin… Yes, We Can

  1. John Erickson says:

    Gee, and when I said that Putin was only stepping down so he could move back in after a few years, everybody told me “Oh no, Russia is a democracy now. He won’t do that.”
    THUD! 😉
    Well, you do have to give Putin one thing. Betcha he could whip ol’ POTUS’s butt in basketball! That dude is more shredded than a bowl of wheat! 😀

    • tom says:

      We need to “Re-Set with Russia for one of two reasons. Putin has already proven inChechnya that he can be more brutal than Moammar and Hosni combined. Or here is the second and probably main reason. When the Dictator’s Statues are placed in the parks and public square, Putin will be bare chested riding bareback on a huge horse while Obama’s statue will be bare chested riding in a Prius.

      “Yes, we can.” Vladamir

    • John Erickson says:

      Wow. On that basis, put me down for two of Putin. And let me know where they do the molds for Obama’s, I’ll crack ’em before the world REALLY starts to wonder about us.
      Ya know, just thought of something. Suppose, if Putin runs, that we could trade? Ya know, just for 4 years? Let Putin clean out DC, let Obama go over and humanise Russia. Not that I’m a Commie or anything, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Congress get its’ butt kicked. And Putin’s got the size 12s (or whatever) to do it! 😀

      • tom says:

        Good idea, the US hasn’t had such firm leadership since Teddy Roosevelt or George W. Putin’s first task would be to clean out the Agean Stables that is California.

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