Bad news from the TomVille War front

As the war against CityVille and FarmVille entered its 2nd day, Tom was compelled to broadcast the bad news to the citizens of TomVille. Friendly fire casualties has disabled 95% of TomVille’s brave troops. The CityVille Rap music assault cleared vast portions of TomVille allowing the enemy top drive their Toyota pick-up trucks right into the heart of TomVille. From the West, there was no stopping the Tractor Brigades from FarmVille.

But all is not lost as Tom vowed to fight to the second last man. Tom reported to a grateful nation that he and First Mistress Busty McTomHo did escape to a secure bunker in a vast unoccupied territory know as ManufacturingVille. There, Tom plans to wait out the dastardly enemies who should get bored with TomVille in a couple of days and withdraw. Joining Tom and Busty in the bunker is the noted freedom fighter and fashion icon Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

Tom did concede the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama for his peace efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Central Africa and Iran.


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2 Responses to Bad news from the TomVille War front

  1. John Erickson says:

    Well, I did get the bombs dropped. One failed to go off, but I think we’ll have some tractors that won’t require any headlights, ’cause they’ll glow in the dark. We did do a beautiful number on the Rap Assault’s record collection, but they just recorded the sound of our bombing and released it as new tracks. OOPS! 😯
    Don’t suppose there’s enough space in that bunker for two more? 😉

    • tom says:

      There is plenty of room in the manufacturingVille bunkers. It is more deserted than the area around the Japan Nuk meltdowns.

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