Tom struggles to improve TV ratings at TBC

Since the purchase of TomVille Broadcast Corporation (TBC) by the Syrian Government, Tom has struggled to improve the TV ratings at TBC. Currently mired in 7th place behind CBS, ABC, Fox,, CW, My Network TV and ION, Tom is searching for another ratings tent pole to compliment the hugely popular “TomVille Tonight” with the incredibly handsome host, Tom TomSon.

One program in development is “Keeping Up Without the Kardashians”. This reality show stars first daughter TommySue who demonstrated a world-class Booty while at TomVille State University (TSU) where she regularly serviced the entire Football Team. Since graduating with a degree in Communications, she has been lodged on Tom’s couch watching Oprah and has developed a true Kardashian Class Booty. Also starring in the series will be TommySue’s ex-husband Wont GettaJob from her 7.1 hour marriage. Camera operators are already following TommySue for tight shots that can be used in the series.

The balance of the programming day is devoted to standard TomVille State run TV with segments glorifying Tom, glorifying Barack Obama, playing patriotic songs, praising the rich, and analyzing the life styles of the rich and famous.

Tom has heard nothing but good things about his new boss at Syrian State TV namely the lovable Bashir al-Assad. Everybody says that Assad is a decisive leader and will take whatever action necessary to return TomVille TV back to the top of the ratings heap.


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