Hillary Clinton rocking cornrows and Bill Clinton’s van is a-rocking?

A couple of days ago I saw Hillary Clinton with a new hairdo. At first glance I thought it was the work of Dear Leader and Hair Stylist to the Stars, Kim Jong Eun. The top hair was slicked back in a pompadour.

But wait the sides were styled in cornrows. We know that Hillary is married to Bill Clinton who Toni Morrison correctly called “The First Black President”. Barack Obama loves rich white folks as he plays rounds and rounds of golf with them, vacations on Martha’s Vineyard with them and has tons of parties with the super rich entertainment moguls in Hollywood. Hillary is rocking the cornrows to bring street cred to the Administration.

Meanwhile Tom and Bill Clinton were at the bar at one of TomVille’s Jazz clubs when Bill spotted Hillary on TV. Bill says that seeing those cornrows sure wants him to hook up with a Sista. Tom said Bill I am right with you. Tom said that he wants to start with Sista and Black Reality Star Kim Kardashian. That Booty is authentic.

Bill on the other hand was more reflective and longed for the curvy Sista Intern Monica Lewinsky. Bill said that only she understand the pressures that can build up in the Oval Office. She was uniquely qualified and willing to relieve those pressures. Bill said OMG Tom, do you realize how much pressure I have as Worldwide Goodwill Embassador. Bill, it couldn’t any more pressure than being the supreme Leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of TomVille.

Bill then said “Tom, Let Roll”

At last Bill goaned, “Don’t come a knockin’ when this van is a rockin’ ”


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2 Responses to Hillary Clinton rocking cornrows and Bill Clinton’s van is a-rocking?

  1. I love the cornrows! Go Hillary!Just saw her on SBS News Australia and went, ‘What the!’

    • tom says:

      Now if we can get Bill Clinton in cornrows, Chelsea will finally have something to report on on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

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