Tom cheated at the Oscars sets his sights on Razzies

Tom along with BFFs George Clooney and Brad Pitt were shut out at the Oscar ceremony. For Tom a long time Susan Lucci of the Oscars, it was stiff upper lip time. But how will George and Brad adjust?

Tom immediately set his sights on the Razzies for 2011 where Adam Sandler racked up a unprecedented 11 nominations for Jack and Jill including Worst Actor and Actress. While that coupled with Zookeeper is impressive, Tom offers an unmatched body of work for 2011 that included: Big Momma: Like Tom and TomSon, Battle: TomVille, Tom and TommySue, Attack of the Killer Potatoes: An Ode to Freedom Fries, and Twilight Saga: Breaking Wind Part 1. And of course everybody is taking about the talking silent picture “The House Painter”.

Tom raged, “We are going to blow the lid off this company town.”


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