Slow TomBaugh apologizes to Sandra Fluke for misheard comments

TomVille’s popular radio Talk Show host Slow TomBaugh apologized yet again today for comments that he made and Ms. Fluke misheard. Slow said that he did not call the Georgetown Law student a prostitute. He said that he said she was destitute as she does not have $6 for a month supply of birth control pills or could not afford a $5 copay. Slow also apologized for her mishearing the word slut when he said lets “cut” to her testimony to the House Democratic hearings on this subject.

TomVille Motors and TomVille Wind and Solar hoping for deep government subsidies immediately cancelled their commercials on Slow’s show until the controversy blows over in 5 days when they are expected to resume sponsorship.

Tom was heard asking aides “Why can’t we get such a deal on Viagra?” Busty McTomHo answered back “Because you have me”


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