Tom emulates Zynga to solve writer’s and creativity blocks

Veteran Tom observers have noticed a recent writer’s block and a creativity block that pre-dates this Blog. Eschewing original thinking, Tom quickly latched upon the model of Zynga whose FarmVille and CityVille games were the inspiration for the cheap knockoff TomVille.

Zynga recently dropped between $200-$250 million to acquire OMGPOP. Like Tom, OMGPOP had a string of failures before they lucked into “Draw Something”. With “Draw Something”, Zynga has a new reason to separate people from their money.

Seeing the raw synergy of the Zynga maneuver, Tom who is awash in a pile of money from his IPO (Insider’s Poisonous Offering), has quickly acquired OMFGSOBWTFLOLBFF and the popular Mitt Tomney Etch A Sketch edition.

BREAKING NEWS: Live coverage of Tom’s Suckers’ Ball After Party will be covered exclusively on TomVille Tonight


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