Tom envies Barack O’TomA’s O’Bomber Jacket

As the images of Barack O’TomA rolled off the presses and the internet wearing a cool Bomber jacket surveying the Korean DMZ with huge binoculars, Tom was reminded of General Patton and his fruitless quest for a similar jacket. Tom fully realizes that O’TomA wears the Bomber jacket based on either his sterling record as a war-time fighter pilot or as a “Gunner” on the Occidental College basketball team. Is this the greatest Photo-Op since Michael Dukakis in the tank or John Kerry windsurfing?

The O’TomA O’Bomber jacket is the most forward fashion statement by a world leader since this fashionista days of Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

UPDATE: Tom searches Flea Markets, eBay, back alleys and deep discount sites in an effort to find a bomber Jacket

BREAKING NEWS: Busty McTomHo interviews Tom on the TomVille Tonight Red Carpet and gushes “you look marvelous in the Bomber Jacket”


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4 Responses to Tom envies Barack O’TomA’s O’Bomber Jacket

  1. John Erickson says:

    Sorry if I take a moment to snicker to myself. (Snicker!) I love when military surplus, sold off for pennies on the dollar from the government, suddenly turns high fashion.
    I wonder how long it’ll take for “Libyan rebel” to become a haute couture item! 😀

    • tom says:

      I think I can score binoculars for you at the Army/Navy Store to survey your vast acreage. In the meantime I am trying to corner the market on Col. Moammar military surplus uniforms. I think that Assad in syria may pay big bucks to step up his fashion sense.

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