Tom challenges Kobe Bryant to a game of Horse’s Ass

After Tom witnessed Kobe Bryant’s abysmal performance on Friday as the Lakers edged out a depleted New Orleans Hornets squad 88-85 where Kobe Bryant missed his first 14 shots on the way to a 3-21 shooting performance for the night, he immediately laid down the gauntlet challenging the shooting deficient Bryant to a game of Horse’s Ass.

Veteran observers remember Tom for wearing the tightest, shortest basketball shorts, a 3 3/4″ vertical leap and a deadly 2-handed set shot. Bryant is known as a Jordan wannabe who is shooting a less than stellar .421 for the season. Tom is also a highly accomplished Trash Talker and immediately got up in Kobe’s grill and said “Bring It On”.

Stay tuned it may take a while for one of these Dudes to sink the first or any shot.


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3 Responses to Tom challenges Kobe Bryant to a game of Horse’s Ass

  1. John Erickson says:

    Hey, at least you wouldn’t try underhanded tricks like OSU did in the quarter-finals. Nice to see they screwed themselves outta the finals. Karma’s a real bi… er …. bear, ain’t it? 😀

    • tom says:

      Underhanded tricks No (well maybe), but Underhanded Free throws definitely. The Ohio State University needs you to be more supportative. It will soon be a state law

      • John Erickson says:

        Too late. It’s already been added as the 11th Commandment at most Ohio churches. Well, all but those Communists who live down in Cincinnati. Can’t trust them folk at ALL! 😀

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