Has-Beens rejoice as Britney Spears inks $15 m X Factor deal

TomVille was aglow as noted has-beens celebrated Britney Spears inking a $15 million deal to judge and “perform” on X Factor.

Celebrants rallying behind the mega has-been, Tom, were Simon Cowell, Lindsay Lohan,TommySue, Newtron Tom. Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Barack O’TomA. Bad Boys and Bad Girls and neer-do-wells alike celebrated the hope Britney’s signing represented.

Forget the Buffett Tax, we are back



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2 Responses to Has-Beens rejoice as Britney Spears inks $15 m X Factor deal

  1. John Erickson says:

    Is Paula Abdul still around? Would she fall into the has-been category, or the has-been-a-has-been one? 😀

    • tom says:

      Since I am only a Never-Been, it is hard to assess a mega watt star like Paula Abdul. However, I am led to believe that one is not officially a Has-Been until one appears on dancing with the Stars or Celebrety Apprentice. Since Paula as a former Laker Girl can dance she will never get picked by DWTS. So sadly she must wait for a call from The Donald to know her ultimate fate.

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