Secret Service zips up in Columbia

The US Secret Service detail outed for cavorting with prostitutes in Columbia in preparation for Barack O’TomA’ visit tipped off their defense strategy. The Agents thought Columbia had a rule like TomVille’s “What happens in TomVille stays in TomVille”.

BREAKING NEWS: The government announces that future “beer summits” will be held in TomVille


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2 Responses to Secret Service zips up in Columbia

  1. I was in Cartagena about a month ago, and I was approached by a pimp. He said ‘welcome to my world!’ in an impressively sinister way, and then asked me if I liked what I saw as he pointed at a line of prostitutes. My girlfriend, who was right next to me at the time, answered that we were not interested.

    • tom says:

      I will call
      barack with the solution to the Secret Service problem. Have wives and girl friends go on the trips.

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