Tom readies Missile purchased on eBay from No. Korea

In a major coup, Tom was able to purchase a missile (ICBM) on eBay from Kim Jung Eun of North Korea. Prior to this purchase TomVille was tied with NASA in the number of functional rockets with each having zero. Rumors have it that Kim was willing to deal to get hard currency so he could finish his final semester in Fashion College and complete the last 100 hours of the Barber College course which is dedicated to tapering the cut. While the eBay listing did mention that there was some water damage, Tom is confident that his crack technicians led by his son-in-law, Wont GettaJob, will be able to ready it for launch quickly.

Tom reviewed the parade and ceremony from the Presidential box as the missile was brought to the launch pad. “This is a great day for the people of TomVille” said Tom in his best senatorial voice.

While Tom basked in the ceremony, Administration Spokesperson Busty McTomHo whispered to Tom “Your new missile looks like it has ED”.


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