War on Women ends quickly with Women winning

TomVille was the site of the most brutal and shortest war in the history of the universe. Somebody by the name of Hillary Rosen stepped up to claim her 15 minutes of fame in declaring that the beloved and wonderfully rich Mitt Tomney had declared a War on Women at 9:00;000 p.m. EST. In the process, she disparaged everybody’s favorite Mom, Ann Tomney. Ann Tomney quickly used the nuclear option when she declared that anybody who did’ think she worked raising 5 boys had lost it. The War was officially over at 9:00:01 p.m. EST when women worldwide uttered “5 Boys” in a unified chorus of horror.

Ms. Rosen was immediately rendered to a prison in TomVille by Barack O’TomA himself pending her transfer to Gitmo.

BREAKING NEW: Ann Tomney offered a full-time paid position teaching tactics at the TomVille War College along side Mrs. Tom.

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