Justice for Tom ?

The Sunday Morning Talk Shows were all over the Justice for Tom? story. You may recall that Tom was moonlighting as a self-appointed Neighbor Watch Captain for the Fashion Police with primary responsibility for guarding the TomVille Brothel run by Busty McTomHo. The security and anonymity of the employees and patrons are crucial to the Regime of Dear Leader Tom. Tom noticed a young man in a Hoodie which is the worst Fashion offense since the Disco suit. Tom fired a few warning shots with his personal Howitzer 155mm to scare off the offensive fashion perp.

The case was submitted to the panel of Rappers known as the Reverends: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and former Reverend/Panther Information Minister Bobbie Rush. Finally the case went to the ultimate arbiter of truth the Minister Louis FairA-Tom. This august body took one look at tom’s picture and declared Tom guilty of Capital Murder.

Even the International Communities most respected Leader Barack O’TomA declared if I had a son he wouldn’t look like Tom. Women worldwide breathed a sigh of relief that the Tom strain can be stopped.

Despite no evidence of a murder, Tom could be sentenced to the death penalty and/or forced to wear a hoodie.


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2 Responses to Justice for Tom ?

  1. John Erickson says:

    Don’t worry, I know the REAL truth – Tom is far more virulent than any flu, deadlier than Ebola, and completely incurable like herpes. And we wouldn’t want it any other way! 😀
    (Sorry I’ve been absent, I’ve been trying to support – via the Internet – a friend who is headed off to Afghanistan for a fourth tour. Important work, and I love this guy, but it all sucks. 😦 )

    • tom says:

      Four tours in Afgan, you friend deserves all your support and then some. They should have just built a fence around the country. Karzai is more corrupt than Mooamar and Hosni were combined in their prime. And he doesn’t have any oil.

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