Metta World Conflict brings peace to the NBA

Metta World Conflict formerly known as Tom Arrest was suspended by the NBA for 7 games for giving excessive and lengthy bear hugs to opposing players. And in a new peace ritual after scoring a basket, he gently nudges the opponent in the jaw with his elbow. Teammate Metta World Selective the former Michael Jordan wannabe and near Hall of Famer Kobe Mix Green Beans Bryant told sportswriters that Metta World was a sweet guy.

NBA Analyst Metta World Hunger the former Charles Barkley complemented Metta World for not falling in to the trap of being a role model.

Meanwhile DVDs of Metta World’s Anger Management speeches to High School Students are being released today.


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2 Responses to Metta World Conflict brings peace to the NBA

  1. John Erickson says:

    Um … being EXCEPTIONALLY disinterested in sports, I’ll have to bypass this one. Have a good one!

    • tom says:

      You earned your pass on Sports. However, I must inform you haat your punishment is to watch 48 hours of Sports Center re-runs on ESPN. Come to thinkl about it is there anything else on ESPN but SportsCenter.

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