OctoMom back in News as Tom wonders where is the love for OctoDads

Octomom Nadya Suleman is back in the news allegedly living in squalor with her 14 kids and getting ready for another foreclosure. By the way who keeps floating home loans to this woman? But sadly for Octomom a Mexican woman by the name of Karla Vanessa Perez is getting ready to roll a 9 sweeping Octomom into the dustbin of history.

But Tom wonders where is the love and publicity for our Octodads especially our beloved athletes. Ex-NBA less than legend Shaun Kemp was once lionized for 7 kids with 6 women, but Travis Henry of the NFL with 11 kids with 10 women and ex-NBA legend Calvin Murphy tops out with 14 kids with 9 women and he may just be getting started.

But tom wonders where is the love and publicity for out Octodads especially the athletes.

Tom says lets give credit where credit is due.

BREAKING NEWS: The above mentioned have just added their profiles to Match.com


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