Barack O’TomA and Crew beach the TomVille Whale

In a raid reminiscent of Barack O’TomA leading the way putting a bullet in the head of Osama Bin Laden from his huge leather chair in the Situation Room (did we mention the 1 Year 3 1/2 week Anniversary will be celebrated Monday), he led another daring raid to beach the TomVille Whale.

The TomVille Whale was enjoying a huge dinner at a famous TomVille Italian restaurant with family and Busty McTomHo, when Barack and his gang composed of Senators Carl Levin, Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey and two IRS Agents plus the hot sex fantasy girl Nancy Pelosi broke in and got the drop on the Whale. They demanded Volcker and Buffett Rules payments and immediate suspension of Bush Era tax cuts.

The Whale flipped on his back and floated out incoherently mumbling Ron Paul, Ron Paul.


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2 Responses to Barack O’TomA and Crew beach the TomVille Whale

  1. John Erickson says:

    Wow – Nancy Pelosi is the “hot sex fantasy girl”? 😯 I think I just lost my appetite – for like the next 10 YEARS!

    • tom says:

      This is the problem of the “vast right wing conspiracy” which is underappreciating Progressive sex symbols such as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary clinton and Janet Napolitano. I have commissioned Michael Moore to replicate his success with “Capitalism – A Love Story”. I see Angelina Jolie playing Nancy Pelosi and Halle Berry playing the WH Vegetable Gardner in “Beaching the WHale” and the sequel “Son of Beach”.

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