Mitt Tomney unexpectedly drops Rodney King from VP shortlist

Yesterday, without explanation, TomVille’s Mitt Tomney dropped Rodney King from his Vice President shortlist. King was perfectly positioned to appeal to wide swaths of the electorate such as alcoholics and drug users that may be put off by Tomney’s image. In addition King was a 1991 Magna Cum Laude graduate of the “School of Hard Knocks” whose many graduates have had a problem warming up to Tomney. Finally, King has just finished his biographical book “The Riot Within” and was ready to start his pre-campaign book tour. After a day by the pool, like Nixon, he is tanned and rested.

BREAKING NEWS: Barack O’TomA just leaked his VP shortlist that now includes Rodney King, Bill Ayres, Rev. Wright, Hillary ClinTom and Bill “Bubba” ClinTom.

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