“Operation Twist” Tom praises O’TomA as Chubby Checker in and Bernanke out

“Let’s Twist again like we did in Recovery Summer” warbled Tom in praise of Barack O’TomA upon hearing the announcement that O’TomA had nominated Chubby Checker to replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman. O’TomA citing Checker’s outstanding record in managing the Twist over the years positioned the change as something that can bring the nation together. Tom announced that Twist Dance lessons will be available at the Tom Dance Studios for a nominal fee. When pressed by reporters for a comment Mitt Tomney said “Round and round and up and Down”. Meanwhile disgruntled Seniors are massing near the White House to protest the total lack of return on their hard-earned savings accounts. TomPa groused, no wonder the economy is in the crapper, the Seniors don’t have any interest income any more. BREAKING NEWS: Chubby Checker will appear on TomVille Tonight and announce to host TomSon his plans for an “Operation Twist” World Tour..


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  1. Hey! Just letting you know I’m still alive, just deprived of Internet, compliments of all the power outages around here. We have juice, fortunately, thanks to a VERY fortuitous location just a block away from a newly installed sewerage pumping station. Yep – saved by the sh*t! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    • tom says:

      Most people would consider it the “perfect storm” where the incompetence of Staples Computer repair operation and mother nature conspire to keep people from having to suffer thru reading my blog. Take care and the power situation is nothing that a good boost in rates can’t cure

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