TomVille State University takes down statue of Tom

TomVille State University (TSU) announced that due to Tom’s rather bizarre writings in this Blog that they are taking down the 8 ft. bronze statue of Tom.

In a separate announcement TSU President and Tom Son-In–Law Wont GetttaJob announced the erection of a more modern looking 84 ft. solid gold statue of Tom.


Please send checks payable to Tom. Write Tom’s Statue Fund in the memo line. Consult your CPA for tax advise.

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4 Responses to TomVille State University takes down statue of Tom

  1. So let’s see – 8 ft of statue goes away, replaced by an 84-ft one. That’s the old statue being 9.5% of the new statue.
    Betcha they’re gonna reuse the old statue on the new one. Right about, shall we say, dead center? Sort of a “little Tom”? πŸ˜‰

    • tom says:

      I like the idea of little Tom statues. Perhaps we can build it into a theme park and I will settle for the parking concessions.

      • Um… you missed my point. I meant that the 8-ft statue would be added onto the 84-ft statue, right where an 8-ft … extension … would go. You know, the little statue being the bigger statue’s … um … wiener? Willy? John Thomas? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

      • tom says:

        I apologize for missing your bold vision. We need to incorporate your plan with due respect to the revenue that football provides.

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