Anaheim implements innovative plan to stop riots and save Disney image

Last night protests around Anaheim City Hall of police shootings quickly turned violent and destructive. The City of Anaheim a wholly owned subsidiary of the Disney Corp. needed to end these riots quickly. When a massive police presence by Anaheim PD and adjacent Police Departments couldn’t stop the riots, a new innovative plan was hatched.

Disney Trams suddenly appeared and rioters quickly started boarding the trams which were destined for Knott’s Berry farm in nearby Buena Park, California. As a beaming Tom jumped on the last tram (Goofy 3) leaving the riots, he bellowed, “We are going to trash that Knott’s hood”.

Lines at Disneyland to see the trashed areas of Anaheim are estimated to be 70 minutes. This is of course a separate admission from Disneyland and California Adventure Park.


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3 Responses to Anaheim implements innovative plan to stop riots and save Disney image

  1. Well, I always suspected that Anaheim was a real Mickey Mouse outfit…. 😉
    Shouldn’t the last tram out have been Pluto? Or did Disney retire all those once Pluto was dropped from planetary status? 😀

    • tom says:

      Pluto would be a worthy last tram out. But it is more likely to be an Anaheim PD Cruiser, just like LAPD that cut and ran during the LA Riots.

      • Now, now, remember that their motto is “To Protect And Serve”. They were just trying to protect their own butts and serving to remove their onerous presence! 😉
        Besides, don’t 9mm pistols work better from 1,000 yards out, than up close and personal? 😀

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