Disney Imagineers rush completion of new RiotLand theme area at California Adventure Park

Based on the wildly successful Anaheim Riots of 2012 with police having to keep people out, Disney Imagineers are rushing completion of the new RiotLand area of Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park. Rumors have it that premium rides will include “Watts Riots 1965” with 34 dead and the wildly successful “Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992” starring Rodney King, Damon “Football” Williams and hapless truck driver Reginald Denny with 53 dead.

Park visitors can experience live fire as gangsters execute drive by shootings. Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse will be attired in baggy shorts, backward ball cap and covered with tattoos promoting Disney movies. Mickey’s Ho Minnie will be tarted up in spike heels and a tight micro mini (come to think about it that is what she always wears”

Speaking at the Press conference, Disney CEO Robert Iger enthused “We got a real winner here”.

Meanwhile in an apparently unrelated matter, Tom filed paperwork with the Disney Corp. to get the gun and ammo concession at RiotLand.


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6 Responses to Disney Imagineers rush completion of new RiotLand theme area at California Adventure Park

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  2. Dude, you have some SERIOUS competition. Have you been to Cleveland? There’s nothing to do – they ARE a riot gone bad. Well, them, AND Detroit.
    And if you like your gunfire live and random, I can recommend my own home town of the Windy City. Just remember to dress in layers – lotsa layers – of Kevlar! 😀

    • tom says:

      Well you sure have provided a “Bucket List” of places to visit. What are the odds that one would survive the tour?

      • Let’s see – white, at least lower-middle class, older-than-20s male? Well, it might vary, depending on time of day, your running speed, and various atmospheric conditions that would affect the bullets’ trajectories.
        I’d say a rough average of about 4.2 seconds. Tops. 😉

      • tom says:

        Unless my homie Jay Z can go with me, I try to recreate the experience at RiotLand

      • Unless his Escalade has more armour than the USS Iowa, I don’t think he’s gonna be much help! 😉

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