Tom inducts Staples EasyTech into the Customer Service Hall of Shame

Punctuated by a blistering letter to staples CEO Ron Sargent and body blows to Tom’s massive ego and diminished treasure, Tom inducted Staples EasyTech into the Customer Service Hall of shame. An unhappy face was place on the Hall Of Shame sidewalk on TomVille Blvd. as the media and a special remote crew from TomVille Tonight covered the star-studded event.

Tom with the Teleprompter rolling read the bill of particulars that included holding his computer of 42 days, causing multiple returns, dropped calls, failure to make promised call backs, failure to answer Internet Complaint form and an apparent illegal collecting of sales tax on the service/labor portion of the bill to name just a few.

Meanwhile staples supporters massed on the other side of the street compliment Staples for holding Tom’s computer hostage to save the world from his dreadful Blog.


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4 Responses to Tom inducts Staples EasyTech into the Customer Service Hall of Shame

  1. So you finally got the silicon-plated lump of aggravation back from their hands? Or are you currently sitting in an Internet cafe somewhere, in which case, keep your back to the wall, and beware them black helicopters! 😉

    • tom says:

      It and the aggravation it brings is back. No Internet cafe, but enough trips to the Library that the local Sherriff’s Depart. probably had me under srveillance as a local weirdo.

      • You mention the Sheriff checking you out as if it were a NEW thing, and not something they’ve been doing for the last several decades…. 😉

      • tom says:

        I thought that was my Secret Service Security detail as I always saw them at the local whore house. One of the side benefits of being on Barack O’TomA’s Enemies List.

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