Mitt Tomney announces a new layoff and outsourcing plan

In a dramatic TomVille Whistle Stop appearance, Mitt Tomney announced a plan to lay off Barack O’TomA from his current position immediately and outsource the job until his January inauguration to H. Rod Clinton.

Not only will this correct a historic wrong committed in 2008 when H. Rod was denied the Presidency that was rightfully hers, but also it will prevent the further accumulation of “frequent flyer” miles that H. Rod has accumulated trying to escape her boring husband.


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5 Responses to Mitt Tomney announces a new layoff and outsourcing plan

  1. Shoot – I say, just close the whole government down and wait for November. We’ll actually SAVE money since we won’t have to keep the lights and A/C on, we can hold their paychecks to pay the soldiers, and let’s face it – has Congress done anything worthwhile since ….. since …. (gimme a minute, I’m thinking! 😉 )

    • tom says:

      Isn’t it the way it was before AC in DC?

      • I’d say deprive them of lights and A/C, but that’d just give them more to argue about! Honestly, I think you could drop this Congress at the North Pole, and they’d freeze to death arguing what shape the igloo should be!
        I think my adoptive Coldstream Guards had the right idea back in 1812, except they only burned the White House. I say level the entire bloody congress and start from scratch. Shoot, why not trade the 535 Stooges for an equal number of homeless? Not like the homeless could do worse,… 😀

      • tom says:

        Good start on solving the Homeless problem. However most Homeless Dudes expect ,ore integrety than the average congress Member so they may turn down the offer

      • Game, set, and match to Tom! 😀 😀

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