Royal Scandal Part 68? Tom investigates naked pictures of Prince Harry

The Queen of England has engaged Tom to investigate the naked pictures of Prince William that are going viral in the Internet. Tom had determined unequivocally that these naked pictures allegedly from a Vegas romp are actually Photoshoped of Prince Harry’s head imposed on Tom’s buck naked butt picture.

As bad as this scandal is and the unpleasant nature of Tom’s naked Butt, it could be worse.

In a private conversation with the Queen, Tom said they could have used Prince Charle’s naked butt or heavens forbid the naked behind of Camilla Parker-Bowles-Windsorcastle. The Queen winced and yelled to Tom “go to your room”

Meanwhile Barack O’TomA has ordered NSA to scour the web and delete all images of Tom’s butt. “It is the right thing to do and we need to spare our women and children.”


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2 Responses to Royal Scandal Part 68? Tom investigates naked pictures of Prince Harry

  1. I just figured it was an honest mistake – that someone asked him to rack the balls on the table, and he didn’t realise they meant the BILLIARD balls….. 😉
    And you SHOULD be sent to your room for suggesting ANYTHING naked on that ….. Mrs. Chuckles. (Gawd, now I have to go clean that image outta my mind – with Stoly!)

    • tom says:

      Fortunately for you, the Porn industry is on hiatus due to the syphillis scare so there is no danger of a blockbuster starring Tom and Camilla.

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