Who will replace Jurassic Concert stars?

After checking out a well produced Neal Diamond concert recently, Tom wonders who will replace the aging stars like Diamond, Rolling Stones, and Engelbert Humperdinck. Where will women of all ages get their thrills? Are there replacements in the wings or will the modern Concert become a thing of the past.

Will a 71-year-old Snoop Dogg or a flabby Lady Gaga be able to draw in the audiences to fill the biggest venues?

But wait. An ever Jurassic Tom is willing to step into the breach and enter the stage to spectacular lights, smoke, pyrotechnics, 7 female backup signers in micro minis, and a band of world-class musicians playing so loud that Tom’s voice is drowned out.

Yes Virginia, there still is hope. Just say the magical word, Tom.

The Tom World Tour 2012-13 starts at the TomVille Arena for 365 nights. Let the money flow (in).


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3 Responses to Who will replace Jurassic Concert stars?

  1. Hey, if computerised “AutoTune” can make stars out of a large number of “American Idol” wannabes, it should be able to make you sound like a combination of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, and Mel “The Velvet Fog” Torme.
    Maybe that’s what you need – a great nickname, like “The Chairman Of The Board” or “The Velvet Fog”. How about “The Denim Smog”? Or maybe “The Satin Typhoon”?
    And as I type this, I just saw one of the most beautiful sights I can think of – a school bus making its’ first round of the school year. Hallelujah – the punks are back in school! (Yeah, I don’t look a bit like Clint, and all I got is an old Cavalier, but I can still growl “Get off my lawn” quite impressively, while wielding my WW1 Lee-Enfield with the 18″ bayonet! 😀 )

    • tom says:

      I took a meeting with my Mentor Phil Spector regarding your suggestions. He suggested a “Wall (brick) of Sound” to shield the Audience. After placing a “reverse the charges’ call from a hall phone to somebody in D.C., he suggested that I become known as “the Cayman (Isl) Crooner”.

      As for Clint. he is real so feel free to pattern

      • Careful with that nickname. There is a small gator-type reptile known as a caiman, and if you misspell that nickname, it’ll come out as quite a croc…… 😉

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