Was Tom duped when he thought he ws fighting for a dopey Cerritos Filmmaker? Holy Nakoula

So when Tom fought for his country, he was led to believe that he was fighting for American Rights such as Freedom of speech. Was Tom duped?

Tom thought that these rights included a dopey Cerritos, CA “filmmaker” Nakoula Basseley Nakoula AKA Sam Bacile right to make a dopey film, “Innocence of Muslims”, criticizing Muslims.

Tom was never told that if these rights offended some dopey guys in Cairo that the “filmmaker” could be whisked away by Sheriff’s Deputies in the night for a “voluntary” interview with Federal Probation authorities..

Nakoula’s alleged offense was a probation violation of accessing the Internet. wasn’t this condition cruel and unusual punishment.

Sorry dopey guys in the Middle East, Tom fought for the dopey guy in Cerritos, CA.

BREAKING NEWS: Dopey guys storm the TomVille embassy


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4 Responses to Was Tom duped when he thought he ws fighting for a dopey Cerritos Filmmaker? Holy Nakoula

  1. The thing that bugs me most is the two-faced response. Some loon flies an airplane into our Twin Towers, and we’re supposed to still love all Muslims. But one (admittedly idiotic) American puts out a really crappy film that sits on the Internet for months before an Islam-extremist website picks it up, and it’s open season on ALL Americans. Gee, we helped y’all in the Arab Middle East kick out your dictators, and you thank us by burning our embassies and killing our ambassadors?!?
    Yeah – that makes sense……
    Maybe next time we’re handing out free M-16s, we should leave a few screws loose? You know, for the extremists that have some screws loose? 😉

    • tom says:

      Hosni and Moummar agree. They had it up to here with the loonies. I am thinking Moummar posted the “film” on YouTube from Argentina.

      • I doubt it, I think even old Moon-em-more would’ve found this “film” to be total crap! Perhaps Mitt Tomney is attempting to sabotage Beloved Leader O’TomA’s re-election? 😀

      • tom says:

        A very interesting conspiracy theory. However, I lean to Ann tomney being the culpret as Barack has called her out as a known Equestrian.

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