Hollywood Reporter: Nakoula signed to produce “Glory of Tom” film epic

In a stunning announcement, it was revealed that noted Cerritos film producer Nakoula B. Nakoula has inked a deal to produce. write and direct the epic film tale “Glory of Tom”. Nakoula’s last production the “Innocence of Muslims” received a record number of screenings for the 14 minute production.

The “Glory of Tom” detailing a life of charity, grace, accomplishment and virtue will come in at an epic 214 minutes. Nakoula has signed Mel Gibon to dub most of the dialog into Aramaic. The balance of the script will be dubbed into Ghetto-Hommie by a hologram of Tupac. Rumors have it that Michael Jackson will play Tom now that Jackson is finally all white. Jackson family members are holding out for a richer payday to support all their family and hangers-on.

At the Press Conference, Tom enthused that this was the film he has been waiting for. What could possibly go wrong?


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2 Responses to Hollywood Reporter: Nakoula signed to produce “Glory of Tom” film epic

  1. A-HA! NOW I understand. Michael didn’t really die, he just faded away! 😀
    214 minutes?!? Wow – maybe you need to re-title it as “Das Tom”. Only way I know of to slip a 3.5 hour movie past the suckers .. er … folks at the box office! 😉

    • tom says:

      If 214 minutes was good enough for “Gone with the (breaking)
      Wind”, it is good enough for me. just think of all the extra pork rind concessions you can sell in a movie of this length.

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