Barack O’TomA announces new economic stimulus program to help Adult Children reclaim their old bedrooms

Taking precious time off from God’s work of blaming Mitt Tomney, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford for the snail pace recovery, Barack O’TomA announced a new program to subsidize unemployed adult children who are trying to retake their old childhood bedrooms.

O’TomA said that these government economic stimulus grants are high velocity dollars and can be used to launch assaults on family homes, sneak in thru bedroom windows, etc.. In addition to monetary grants, the government has launched a new website which will provide additional strategies that can be used.

Parents are rallying around a new SuperPAC “No Way” to help parents resist this assault and answer probing questions. Mothers across America are saying that this cause is even more important than free contraception for women.

Perplexed parents want to know if these government sponsored assaults succeed, will they be required to pay a government scale allowance? Will government relations allow parents to require that their adult children take out the trash and wash the car in exchange for the allowance or will they be required to pay $8.50/hour for these chores?

O’TomA will explain how this program helps the middle class on TomVille Tonight.


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3 Responses to Barack O’TomA announces new economic stimulus program to help Adult Children reclaim their old bedrooms

  1. You know, I’d love to go back to my folks’ house, ’cause knowing the packrat my father is, there’s probably THOUSANDS of dollars in my old toys still there. The again, it is my dad, a man who has been known to cow a Doberman by out-growling him! Besides, growing up, we had an electrified wire around the garden to keep pests out. That wire was “only” running 110 volts. Since he’s been retired for a couple decades, who KNOWS what kind of surplus transformers he’s included into the network? Dude could have 10′ fences electrified with a THOUSAND volts! šŸ˜€
    I think I’m safer in Ohio…… šŸ˜‰

    • tom says:

      Since your Dad hasn’t probably checked your old bedroom lately and relies on the elcetric fense for security, he problably thinks you are still there. lol

      • Oh, trust me, he knows I’m not there. You know, the same way you know that girlfriend you ordered off your premises at police gunpoint isn’t in your house. It wasn’t the friendliest of partings – kinda like the Polish greeting of German troops in September 1939 was something less than friendly……

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