Bo knows sex

Sports fans of a certain age remember Bo Jackson who starred in football, baseball, track and TV commercials. He was known for saying profound things like “Bo knows football” as a tag line.

Now we are blessed to have Bo Xilai who knows corruption, bribes, abusing power and “engaging in improper sexual relations with several women”.

Defending Bo against these charges by the Communist Party is the Clinton Global Initiative. Bubba Clinton opined that we have to make a stand or we won’t stand for anything. First thing Clinton told aides is that he needs to meet with these women.


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2 Responses to Bo knows sex

  1. Oh, thank God! When I saw “Bo Knows Sex”, I thought the first dog had gotten into some kid of sex scandal that some tabloid had picked up. Then again, that could lead to a whole new meaning to the old phrase “Obama Administration screws the pooch”……. šŸ˜‰

    • tom says:

      Looks like bo is rapidly falling in popularity where his popularity line is ready to intersect with a flat lining Tom.

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