Barack O’TomA: “I cleaned Mitt Tomney’s clock in debate”

Fresh off his Ryder Cup victory where he doubled for Tiger Woods, Barack O’TomA celebrated his sparkling performance in the first Presidential Debate last night.  As the Presidential Limo motored down Denver streets, Barack popped out  of the moon roof chugging a magnum of champagne.  “We cleaned Tomney’s clock.  We cleaned his mother’s clock and we can’t be beat” thundered a rejuvenated O’TomA. 

As the trash talking continued, O’TomA directed the Limo driver to take him to Mile High Stadium were he recreated his acceptance speech of 2008 to a giant picture of George W. Bush. (safe in the comfort of the TelePrompter)


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2 Responses to Barack O’TomA: “I cleaned Mitt Tomney’s clock in debate”

  1. That’s the true beauty of these political debates. No rules on HOW to win, so both parties win and both lose. Just depends which side you’re spinning for….. 😉

    • tom says:

      Right, but I was too worn out from performing my Presidential duties to be at the top of my game for the debate. In addition, I didn’t know Denver was a mile high city and I was done in by the altitude or was it attitude.

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