Big Bird gives Barack O’TomA The Bird

Oops, Barack O’TomA was reprimanded (cease and desist) by Sesame Street Workshop for unauthorized politicization of Big Bird in an O’TomA campaign ad.  Big Bird delivered The Bird.   Evidently Big Bird did not enjoy the famous OTomA wit.  Big Bird was cheered on by Oscar the Grouch and Tom.  However,  these two have never been seen at the same time and place.

Or could it be that the Sesame Street CEO makes $684,000 and doesn’t want to pay his “fair” share?

Miss Piggy said that she is still available for sale to the highest bidder.


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2 Responses to Big Bird gives Barack O’TomA The Bird

  1. I don’t know why the whole gang wouldn’t want O’TomA’s support. They’re all socialists, with all that “sharing” and “playing together” crap. Well, except for Oscar and Cookie Monster – they’re both good old-fashioned American types, not sharing a dang thing! 😀

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