Mitt Tomney basks in the warmth of LiLo’s Endorsement

In a stunning announcement, America’s sweetheart Lindsay Lohan endorsed Mitt Tomney for President.  It seems like just the other night that lovely LiLo was demonstrating Family Values as she kicked the ass of her cocaine loaded mother.

Mitt Tomney decried the press coverage of this announcement when he asked “why didn’t they tell us what she was wearing?  Was her hair and make-up just right?  Will she shut-up and go away before this endorsement kills our campaign?”


BREAKING NEWS:  Lilo will appear on TomVille Tonight


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2 Responses to Mitt Tomney basks in the warmth of LiLo’s Endorsement

  1. I think Tomney should reward LiLo appropriately once he’s elected. Might I suggest chief of security at the new Libyan embassy? She obviously has one key requirement – butt kicking above and beyond! 😀

    • tom says:

      Stellar suggestion only matched by the Wit and Wisdom of Joe Biden. While LiLo is on her assignment, she could star in a straight to DVD remake of Larry of Arabia.

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