Tom jumps on Roseanne Barr for President Bandwagon

Californians were is 7th Heaven yesterday when they opened their Sample Ballots to se the dynamic team of Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan running for President and V.P on the Peace and Freedom ticket.  Finally a real choice rather than the choice of more stagflation from Barack O’TomA or a dynamic recovery from Mitt Tomney.

If elected Cindy Sheehan will move the V.P. Office to Crawford, TX where she can spend 4 more years harassing George W. Bush.  This could spark an economic recovery for Crawford.

Ms. Barr on the other hand will be an authentic middle class President rather than phony middle class members such as O’Toma and Joe Biden.  And of course Roseanne can meet or exceed the crudeness demonstrated by Biden in the debate with her hands down (way down),  Rather than telling Putin she will take care of him if reelected picked up by an open mic, Roseanne can just signal Putin with her infamous groin grab motion.

And for patriotism, Barr is already planning to lead the nation in a daily singing of the Nation Anthem.


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2 Responses to Tom jumps on Roseanne Barr for President Bandwagon

  1. Ye GODS! That’s it, I am OUTTA here! Please forward all my mail c/o the John Foote VC Armoury, Hamilton, Ontario. SEE ya! 😀

    • tom says:

      President Barr gave the graoin pull signal to the Post office and they will forward your mail. will you be renting the houses formerly occupied by Alex Baldwin, Barbara Streissand, Pierre Salinger, Robert Altman, and Lynn Redgrave who moved out of the country as promised during the Bush years. Come to think about it a lot of this group are dead so the Bush CIA may have been more effective than previously thought.

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