Badgers. Packers 10/13-14. The exceptions that proves Tom’s Rules

The wisdom of Tom’s football observations were validated this weekend via the old exception proves the rule adage.  Tom righteously declared both the Wisconsin Badgers and the Green Bay Packers mediocre at best.

Then the Badgers spanked a Drew Brees less Purdue Boilermaker squad 38-14 to remain in contention in the Big Ten Losers, I mean Legends Division, race.

This was followed on sunday night by a similar unexpected Green Bay Packers spanking of a previously unbeaten Houston Texan squad 42-21 with the season’s worst QB Aaron Rodgers tossing 5 TD passes.

In discussing the results on TomVille Tonight, Tom pointed out that there is no doubt that the exceptions proves Tom right.


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  1. Hey, you’re dead on the money! If the team truly sucks, it can’t win anything. (Reference the Chicago Cubs.) If the team is great, it wins most games. If it only wins a few, that is DEFINITELY mediocre – at best! 😀

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