Tom declares Presidential Foreign Affairs Debate a draw with both unqualified

Tom was quick to declare the Foreign Affairs debate between Mitt Tomney and Barack O’TomA a draw with both candidates sorely wanting.  It was an embarrassment to Wilt Chamberlin,

Neither of these guys demonstrated any ability to talk a woman out of her burka or get a Russian Babe to Re-Set for another round of “talks”.  Neither has a sex tape out much less able to critique a YouTube video.  My God, even Paris Hilton is more qualified than these two to have foreign affairs.

Mitt Tomney can’t even use a Coca-cola to seduce a woman and Barack O’TomA is so laid back from smoking all that weed in Hawaii that he could care less.

How can you talk a muscular foreign policy when the old Vegetable Gardener Michele has more muscle tone.

So who should America vote for between these two.  My guess is that the best choice is Mitt Tomney as he would cut the best figure escaping a lakeside tryst on a jet ski with a Swedish husband in hot pursuit.

BREAKING NEWS: Tom will appear on TomVille Tonight to brandish his Foreign Affairs capabilities.


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6 Responses to Tom declares Presidential Foreign Affairs Debate a draw with both unqualified

  1. I don’t know, buddy. Mittsie was really swinging for the fences with the ladies. At one point, I thought he was gonna give a rose to … Ach-ma-done-a-job …. Ach-me-did-a-….Ach-ma-dong-a-ding-.. the guy from Iran! 😀
    “We have these ships that go under the water”, says Barry. Yeah, great idea, except when they come back UP from under the water – right in front of one of your cutting-edge cruisers. Whoops! Talk about a misguided missile cruiser! 😉

    • tom says:

      Nothing more enlightening thn a debate between two guys where were never in the military and never wanted to be except for a Field Grade promotion to Commander in Chief. Fix Bayonets and strap on the e-tool.

      • Hey! Ya forgot the horses! 😀

      • tom says:

        If you get a chance could you ask Barry if Foot Soldiers are obsolete too. I am under the impression that we haven’t won a war since WWII because we don’t hold the land that we capture.

        Forward March

      • Now, now, we had a pretty good run in Korea. And where would we be without our “creation” of the ever-entertaining Kim family? 😀
        Besides, we HAD to lose Vietnam, or else Apple wouldn’t have any good sources of REALLY cheap chips for Foxconn over in China! 😉

      • tom says:

        I might quibble with Korea (No Peace Treaty yet and a DMZ). However, I must retract my statement and concede Grenada

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