Presidential Election: A Blog Post guaranteed to P*** off almost half of America

With the Presidential election quickly approaching, here is a blog post guaranteed to p*** off almost half of America, but actually won’t because nobody reads my stuff anyway.  However, an undeniable understanding of human nature may tell you who would be the best choice to lead this country.

Barack Obama has proven himself over the past 4 years to be the ultimate MasterBasher.  He has been unmerciful in his criticism of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, U.S. Supreme Court, Senate Minority Leader, Speaker of the House, House Budget Chairman, BP, Oil Industry, bankers, Goldman Sachs, hedge funds, Millionaires and Billionaires (actually any person earning over $200,000/year), Insurance companies, Blue Shield, Insurance Industry, anybody who ever outsourced a job even if it was to an US company, Tea Party, non-green energy companies just to name a very few.

What we know from every day observations is that people who receive relentless bashing become resentful and do the least they possibly can for the Basher.  Every first level supervisor is taught to “praise in public and criticize in private”.  A quick  read of a Psychology 101 text reveals all sorts of negative reactions to bashing.

The Obama bashing has ranged from the sophomoric Romnesia to the brutal criticisms and blaming  of George W. Bush to the point of questioning his patriotism.  As far as I can research George W. Bush never wrote a single Sub-Prime Mortgage or an Alt. A Mortgage.

Just some food for thought from somebody who never delivered his top performance in a hostile environment.


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2 Responses to Presidential Election: A Blog Post guaranteed to P*** off almost half of America

  1. Boy, remember the days when a campaign actually ran on what it DID, not on complaining about what somebody ELSE did? Even Nixon went with “I’m Not A Crook”, as opposed to “I’m OK, HE’S the Crook!”.
    Now if only we can get PACs outlawed, and all that useless money could be put to something worthwhile – like outsourcing the government! 😉
    (By the by, instead of “almost half”, you should’ve gone with 47%. 😀 )

    • tom says:

      Campaign commercials. i feel your pain. The only beauty of living in deep, deep blue California is that there are no commericals except for some dude running against Waxman and Feinstein running against herself.

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