Romancing the Middle Class. How long will it last?

A. November 7,2012

Politicians don’t care about the Middle Class beyond trying to get their vote and they do vote.  Beyond the massive tax money that the Middle Class pays, who cares?

Gotta be happy when the election is over and we can stop hearing the hypocrisy about loving the Middle Class.

 BREAKING NEWS: Tom will appear on TomVille Tonight extolling the Middle Class.


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7 Responses to Romancing the Middle Class. How long will it last?

  1. Oh lordie, at least you’re in LaLaLand! I’m in an official Swing State. Wait – no, I’m in THE official Swing State! The only good thing about all the campaign BS? I get lots of flyers to burn on my wood furnace, so the campaigns are helping to keep me warm! (When I’m not over-heating screaming back at the BS TV ads!) I am SO looking forward to Wednesday morning!
    Though I think I have your next million dollar idea. Take up a fund to help out unemployed political reporters! Shoot, unemployment’s liable to hit 10% once all the pollsters, campaign workers, news reporters, and so forth are done with the campaign! 😀

    • tom says:

      I feel your pain in a swing state. We have had a total of 2 Presidential Commercials. The same one twice produced by karl Rove and CrossRoads.

      However I am sad to say that I misunderstood Barack. he wants to protect the Middle Ages not the Middle Class, Windmills, electric cars, pre ATMs steamengines, it is all good. I am looking forward to a Mini Ice Age.

      • Hey, I’d LOVE to see some steam locomotives roaming the iron trails again. Besides, Obama’s plan should work great! After all, it works for the Amish, right? 😉

      • tom says:

        Aren’t the Amish now mainly a money generating tourist Attraction? I let you have your Steam Engine to play with. They were pretty powerful.

      • Actually, tourism is a distant second. Wood is first. Lumber, and especially finished furniture, are huge exports. It’s a real Ponzi scheme – they buy whole trees for pennies on the dollar, cut ’em up using Amish teenagers paid a pittance (if at all), assemble and finish the stuff down here (where, say, a nice dining room table might be $300), then export them to big markets like Chicago where they sell for over a grand! It would actually be cheaper to drive down here with a rental truck from Chicago, load up on furniture, then drive back. And WE get the “waste” lumber, which varies from small bits we burn in our wood furnace, to 4″x8″ planks almost 8 feet long! $5 for a car trunk, $10 for the back of our wagon. A trunk load will heat our house, on a mid-30 degree day, for 3-4 days. WILD! 😀

      • tom says:

        Very interesting. I see you are lining up a heating (steam engine) source for when the campaing flers dry up.

      • I’m not worried, I figure the 2016 campaign will start about 5 minutes after the 2012 vote is made official!

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