Presidential Election: The Choice is Clear

Never before have the choices been more clear and the consequences more important than the 2012 Presidential Election.

Your choice is between Mitt Tomney who will quell the rancor and allow for bright sunrises and beautiful sunsets or the one hand and Barack O’TomA.  Electing O’TomA will lead directly to four more years of Tom’s carping on the Blog (and a surprise Joe Biden Retirement Party).

Vote your best interests, vote for Mitt Tomney.


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2 Responses to Presidential Election: The Choice is Clear

  1. Don’t get premature on that Bidden retirement party! if we get an electoral college tie, we might end up with Tomney/Biden! And THAT could drag us back to the 18th century – or whenever the last time was when two guys fought a duel in Congress… 😉

    • tom says:

      Unearthing another path for Joe biden to be a heart beat away from the Presidency sends shivers down the spin of the good citizens of TomVille (Tom)

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