Barack O’TomA wins, Tom is sad

Tom goes into a terminal funk upon hearing that arch rival Barack O’TomA beat his beloved Mitt Tomney.

But wait, nobody wants to work with O’TomA and the GOP holds the House so O’TomA is already a Lame Duck.

Besides this Blog is dedicated to satire and who better to satire than O’TomA.  He has an ego bigger than the area of the Red States that he lost.  He is the self admitted smartest man in the room.

So bring on all the  spending, debt, regulations and government lawsuits.  This could be fun.


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3 Responses to Barack O’TomA wins, Tom is sad

  1. Just think of it this way – you can become the next Jon Stewart, poking fun at the administration. Who knows, you may grow this into a whole career! 😀

    • tom says:

      I don’t have cable, but is it really true that Jon Stewart actually made fun of Barack Obama. Has he no fear for his career.

      Barack is having a fitting for his Superman cape as I type.

      • Ya gotta admire Stewart, while he is definitely a liberal, he WILL call the Dems out on stupid maneuvers. He has gotten more than his fair share of zingers into the left, as well as the right. Stephen Colbert takes a little more work to follow – he appears to be far right-wing, but he uses sarcasm and VERY subtle mockery to zing the right, while seeming to batter the left (occasionally with very true critiques, masked as a right-wing diatribe). I definitely recommend both!

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