Disregarding tradition, Tom rips his Blog’s O Line

Traditionally, Quarterbacks exude praise for their O Line.  This is why it was so shocking when Tom finally came out and laid the blame squarely on his Blog’s O Line.  Tom honed in on this O Line composed of Ms. Tom, Busty McTomHo,  Tommy Sue, TomPa and son-in-law Wont Getta Job.

Facing declining Blog readership and  humiliating campaign  by Google to lower the rankings of low quality Blogs, Tom reached the nadir during an Election night game when he was viciously sacked by a brutal Barack O’TomA.  Tom was so dazed by the sack that he was calling signals “2-47, 2-47, 2-47 Hike” for the next two series.

Tom is seriously considering placing his O Line on the Developmental Squad and instituting a select Investigating Committee..

Stay tuned it could get ugly.


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  1. Just don’t use interns in your investigation. There’s ALWAYS trouble when interns get involved. 😀

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